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Many companies use Creo (Pro/ENGINEER) ''AS-IS'' for their Product Development Process (PDP). In reality, Product based / Process based tasks are needed frequently and this is time consuming and non-productive. This could be addressed by developing a Creo (Pro/ENGINEER) add-on customized application to enhance design productivity, reduce user intervention, and/or prevent design errors. Also, this significantly increases Creo (Pro/ENGINEER) efficiency and adoption, thus maximizing your Creo utilization.

CADOpt provides Creo (Pro/ENGINEER) add-on application development services (using Creo API's like Toolkit, JLink, WebLink, VB) for all your design, tooling, etc related engineering process specific needs. Below are few applications developed for many companies, who have been using these for many years and the same has been tested, proven and error free...

About Smart Publisher PDF

Smart Publisher PDFis DRW to PDF converter, which improves your viewing experience of the created PDF.Smart Publisher PDF allows you to convert PTC Creo drawing files to quality PDF files. This one click convertor comes along with export settings which in turn can cut down error and time.

The Portable Document Format (PDF) is a file format used to present documents in a manner independent of application software, hardware, and operating systems. Drawing files in the form of PDF is used in manufacturing industry viewed via PC or portable devices (mobile, tablet) for various applications.Smart Publisher PDF can be used for exporting single file or multiple files. Multiple files can be exported in unattended batch mode which doesn’t require manual intervention.


  • Works with PTC Creo (Pro/ENGINEER) Base (Foundation) Licenses
  • One-click solution that automatically determines and Convert the Drawing(s) from Creo (Pro/ENGINEER).
  • Works in conjunction with PTC Windchill/PDMLink or Intralink
  • Embedded to Creo drawing module.
  • Batch convert an unlimited number of DRW files to high quality PDF.
  • Enables you to choose the Size, Quality and Output Color of the PDF file.
  • Convert embedded raster image (logo) in the drawing to PDF.
  • Supports paper size, plot style and line width setting.
  • Automatically adjust the page size based on the drawing.Create bookmarks in your PDF.


  • Speed –One click solution to propagate necessary details from Engineering to otherdepartments
  • Error Free –Eliminates errors that can be otherwise caused by multiple interfaces including formats, templates, fonts, geometries, etc.
  • Enhanced User Productivity - Eliminate Designer/Creo User’s non-productive (manual entries) activities, saving up to 90% time
  • Standardization –Standardization of Process as per company standards
  • ROI–quick Return on Investment (ROI) considering the significant time savings and reduced ECN’s

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