Library Part Selector

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Application Overview / Market Segment Introduction:

Library Part Selector application will help the users to search/select the available Standard parts from library & download the same to the workspace.

Library Part Selector

Current Scenario (Without Application):

User need to Manually:

Each & Every time user has to search the available parts.
Stock status needs to be got from store (Other department)

Negative consequences:

User will consume more time to Search available parts.
Most of the time, user will generate the new / repeated parts

Positive Business Outcome:

ROI – quick Return on Investment (ROI) considering the significant time & cost savings as duplicate parts are reduced.

  •            Speed – One-click solution that automatically determines and get the nearest available size of fasteners from Library.
  •            Enhanced User Productivity - Eliminate Designer/Creo User’s non-productive (Repeated parts creation) activities, saving up to 90% time
Standardization – Standardization of Process as per company standards.
Stock Monitoring - Providing live Stock Status of standard parts.

How it adds value:

Works with PTC Creo (Pro/ ENGINEER) Base (Foundation) Licenses
One-click solution that automatically determines and get the nearest available size of fasteners from Library.
Works in conjunction with PTC Windchill/PDMLink or Intralink
Enables you to choose the Size and Min, Max Length of the standard parts like Fasteners.
Will also provide the Stock Status
Avoids creation of new parts / repeated parts every time.

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