Save as and Send Option control utility

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Application Overview / Market Segment Introduction:

Save as and Send Option control utility is working Creo (Pro/ENGINEER). This application restrict save as and send option in the file menu option, when the Creo connected with windchill server. If the server is disconnected save as and send option is get enabled. Main intension of this application to stop the multi backup in local server & data security of windchill parts.

Save as and Send Option control utility

Current Scenario (Without Application):

User need to Manually:

Organization can’t able to restrict save as backup and send option in Creo.

Negative consequences:

User can save and send the file to anyone.
Multi backup in local server.

Positive Business Outcome:

Standardization – Standardization of Process as per company standards.
Quality output:
  •            Error Free – Eliminates unwanted multi backup in local server.

How it adds value:

Works with PTC Creo (Pro/ ENGINEER) Basic Licenses.
Application will launch automatically when Creo open.
Application automatically restricts save as backup and send option when Creo connected with windchill server.
If user working in local, it enables save as backup and send option.

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