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Application Overview / Market Segment Introduction:

AutoMouldBase is an add-on Module for HPDC manufacturing companies by using Creo (Pro/ENGINEER). AMB collects the basic information of the component and other required parameters in various forms to automatically produce complete mould base assembly, Mold base assembly drawings, Parts detail drawings & BOM as output. Entire calculations, validation and model creation happens in the backend through complex algorithms and codes.

Current Scenario (Without Application):

User need to Manually:

  • Collect basic information – Tedious and not in single location.
  • Design the entire mould base – Time consuming Requires ~ 3 to 4 days.
  • Validation – Can be erroneous & requires high skills and experience.

Negative consequences:

  • User will consume more time to collect the details & prepare Mouldbase Assembly.
  • Validation part will get complicated.

Positive Business Outcome:

  • ROI – quick Return on Investment (ROI) considering the significant time savings and reduced ECN’s.
    • Time to market – Few clicks solution to get entire Mouldbase Assembly.
    • Enhanced User Productivity – Saving up to 80-90% of mould base design time.
    • Reusability– We can use the existing project data for new project
  • Standardization – Standardization of Process as per company standards.
  • Quality output:
    • Error Free – Eliminates errors (like – Interference, wrong input value, etc).
    • Inbuilt validation– This eliminates non-realistic values being used as inputs.

How it adds value:


Works with PTC Creo (Pro/ ENGINEER) Basic & AMB-Licenses.


One-click solution that automatically get the entire Moldbase.


In built Part number configurator.


Customized BOM in Excel or PDF or both as output.

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