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At Cadopt, we offer full Automotive Benchmarking services specified for individual needs to help companies in the automotive industry assess and evaluate their products, processes, and performance against industry standards and competitors. Our suite of services covers everything from Teardown Analysis to Vehicle Digital Inspection, empowering you to make informed decisions and drive success in a competitive market.


  • Teardown Analysis
  • Vehicle Digital Benchmarking
  • Vehicle Occupant & Architecture
  • Vehicle Cad Reverse
  • Vehicle Digital Inspection

Teardown Analysis

Vehicle teardown is the systematic dismantling of a complete vehicle, facilitating in depth analysis of design strategies, material utilization, system functionality, technology, component costing information, manufacturing processes, and complexity comparison with existing products. Our service provides valuable insights into design, materials, functionality, and more. We document features, conduct weight analysis, compile bills of materials, and carefully dismantle vehicles at system and component levels. Advanced metrology ensures precision and data processing extracts actionable insights. Gain a competitive edge with Cadopt’s Teardown Analysis service.


  • Vehicle Features & Photos
  • Weight Analysis
  • Bill of Materials
  • Teardown (System level and Component Level)
  • Metrology
  • Data Processing

Vehicle Digital Benchmarking

Our Vehicle Digital Benchmarking service employs state-of-the-art digital scanners to conduct analyses of design and ergonomics. From scanning exteriors and interiors to assessing components at system and component levels, we ensure thorough evaluations. Ergonomics studies follow SAE standards, guaranteeing user comfort and safety. Post-processing techniques refine data for accuracy, while BIW scans offer a full view of vehicle structures.


  • Vehicle Scan ( Exterior and Interior)
  • Additional Scan
  • System level scan
  • Component level scan
  • Ergonomics study as per SAE standards
  • Post Processing
  • BIW Scan

Vehicle Occupant & Architecture

Our service enables engineers to validate automotive designs for safety, occupant ergonomics, and visibility standards. Following SAE guidelines, we conduct careful measurements to ensure compliance and optimize vehicle performance. From exterior and interior measurements to precise manikin and surface assessments, every aspect of the vehicle’s architecture is thoroughly evaluated. Vision measurements further enhance design integrity, promoting safer and more comfortable driving experiences.


  • Exterior Measurement
  • Interior Measurement
  • Manikin Measurement
  • Surface Measurement
  • Vision Measurement

Vehicle Cad Reverse

With our Vehicle CAD Reverse service, we seamlessly convert scan data into precise CAD models using a systematic approach. Beginning with importing scan data, we establish a robust coordinate system for accuracy. Through BIW Scan to CAD conversion, we recreate vehicle structures in CAD format. Our expert team then crafts detailed system-level designs, followed by thorough interference analysis to ensure seamless integration. Finally, we export CAD data ready for further refinement or production.


  • Import Scan data
  • Create Coordinate system
  • BIW Scan to Cad
  • System level design
  • Interference analysis
  • Export Cad data

Vehicle Digital Inspection

Vehicle digital inspections involve the testing or inspection of entire vehicles or vehicle components, wherein the resulting data is presented, reviewed, and analyzed in 3D format. Various inspection techniques are employed to develop a 3D virtual image of external and/or internal vehicle data.


  • 3D Scan Data – Cad Data
  • Compare 3D Inspection.
  • Report creation.
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