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We offer a precise 3D inspection service that revolutionizes quality control and assurance processes. Our service ensures top accuracy, efficiency, and reliability in inspecting a wide range of objects across various industries. You can use our digital inspection service by giving us either two different CAD files or two 3D scanned files of different parts or objects. Alternatively, you can provide us with the CAD files before manufacturing and 3D scanned files of the parts after manufacturing. After we do the inspection, we’ll give you a personalized PDF inspection report. Also, we offer various 3D scanning services in India.

Types of 3D analysis

At Cadopt, we offer a complete set of analysis techniques tailored to your specific needs. Here’s a breakdown of the different types of 3D analysis we provide:

2D Comparison

Our first article inspection is carried out thoroughly using measuring plans, CAD models, or PMI data sets with features like Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T). With GOM’s cutting-edge ATOS 3D full-field measuring system, no part of your product goes unchecked. We leave nothing unchecked to ensure precision and reliability in every inspection.

3D Comparison

Our CAD-Compare technique compares 3D data against CAD models, offering valuable insights into wear patterns, build accuracy, gap analysis, and more. This is crucial for ensuring the optimal performance of industrial processes, especially in assembly and manufacturing. Our 3D scanners generate point samples from object surfaces, allowing us to identify and evaluate any deviations from the digital design.

Alignment Tools for Perfect Precision

When it comes to ensuring accuracy and precision in 3D inspection, alignment is key.

3D Scan to CAD Alignment

  • With this tool, we align the scanned data of your object directly with its corresponding CAD model.

Best Fit Alignment

  • Our best-fit alignment method optimally aligns the scanned data with the CAD model by minimizing the overall deviation between the two.

Datum Feature Alignment

  • Datum feature alignment allows us to align the scanned object based on specific reference features defined in the CAD model. By using these key reference points, we ensure precise alignment and accurate measurement of critical dimensions.

RPS Alignment

  • RPS alignment, which stands for Rotation, Parallelism, and Translation, is an alignment method that accounts for rotation, parallelism, and translation between the scanned data and the CAD model.

3-2-1 Alignment

  • In 3-2-1 alignment, we align the scanned data using a combination of three reference points, two reference directions, and one reference plane. This method provides a simple yet effective way to align objects quickly and accurately.

At Cadopt, we understand the importance of precise alignment in 3D inspection. Whether you need to compare your scanned objects with CAD models for quality control, reverse engineering, or dimensional analysis, our advanced alignment tools ensure that you get the most accurate results every time. Trust Cadopt for unmatched precision and efficiency in 3D inspection alignment.

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