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About KeyShot :

KeyShot® is the first real-time ray tracing application that uses a physically correct render engine based on scientific research in the areas of scientifically accurate material representation and global illumination. Addressing the visualization needs of designers, engineers, marketing professionals, photographers and CG specialists, KeyShot breaks down the complexity of creating photographic images and animations from 3D digital data. The KeyShot products like KeyShot, KeyShotWeb, KeyVR, KeyShot Viewer, Network Rendering

KeyShot Subscription brings all the advanced features you need to create incredible visuals. KeyShot includes:

  • Drag and Drop Materials and Lighting
  • Create Your Own Materials and Lighting
  • Add Product and Studio Variations
  • Animate Cameras, Models, and Materials
  • Render on CPU or GPU in minutes


Focus on your design, not software

KeyShot is extremely easy to learn and use to achieve photographic results in minutes through a simple, workflow-based interface with all the advanced capabilities for the most experienced 3D render professional.

Present your ideas sooner

KeyShot brings visual speed and agility to the entire product development process, with the widest 3D file format support for a fluid workflow from concept to final product.

Make it more realistic

KeyShot materials go beyond physical appearance providing scientifically accurate properties for the highest quality visuals. Use a preset, an exclusive partner material or create your own.

Access complete computing power

KeyShot gives you the power and the choice to utilize either CPU or NVIDIA GPUs for rendering and the capability to scale linearly for unmatched performance.

Workflow Automation

Automation for each and every variation.
Workflow Automation is an advanced new feature, that allows you to automate various KeyShot workflows via the KeyShot Scripting Console (with a user interface) or through Headless Scripting Mode (without a user interface). Applications include automating render output, speeding up the generation of product variations, and more. Learn more about the complete scripting capabilities here.

Load It

KeyShot includes native support for over 30 leading 3D file formats. Free plugins offer one-click loading, while LiveLinking keeps your design in-sync across applications. Whether it’s a small gadget or a massive assembly, using KeyShot means less time loading and more time creating.

Endless Possibilities

KeyShot is used in your industry and beyond to create the powerful visuals that communicate endless possibilities. You’ll be amazed at how easily you can create it all with KeyShot from the minute detail in textures to bathing your scene in the perfect lighting.

KeyShot Plugins

The Plugins enable you to link your CAD Software and KeyShot and make use of LIVE Linking for a faster workflow

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