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CADOPt Technologies is the service provider of Internet of Things (IoT) in Bangalore, India. ThingWorx Industrial IoT Platform ThingWorx is the best-in-class Industrial Innovation platform for developing industrial IoT applications and augmented reality (AR)experiences.

IoT solution is designed to cover all aspects of IoT service requirements.
This includes:

  • Mobile and Cellular IoT Connectivity
  • Wi-Fi IoT Connectivity
  • Bootstrap IoT Connectivity for OEM
  • IoT Connectivity Management

IoT Platform & challenges

Internet of Things (IoT) solution is flexible, scalable, multi-tenanted, and uses state of the art technologies. It was designed to ensure that any device, software, or connectivity type can be rapidly integrated and made fully interoperable with all other components of an existing IoT estate. The platform manages and secures the IoT infrastructure and associated data, enhancing the data with machine learning and predictive analytics to provide actionable device and connectivity insights.

Challenges concerning security, interoperability, costs, local knowledge, and storage make it difficult to take IoT solutions to market.

IoT Solution

  • Add your content…Multi country, multi network connectivity over cellular (2G, 3G, 4G, 5G), Wi-Fi, and LPWAN technologies.
  • Powerful Connectivity Management Platform.
  • Providing a single-entry point for IoT partners.
  • Self-service portal provided for IoT partners.
  • Full granular control to manage and monitor connectivity and related service aspects (I.e. rating, billing, reporting, provisioning, logistics, etc.)
  • An open interface for interacting with other environments, such as device management environments
  • Security management and regulatory compliance: network, server, database, and application vulnerability assessment
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