CFM Utility for ZWCAD-Connect ZWCAD Document’s with Windchill with EASE.

About CFM

CFM – CAD File Manager (CFM) utility is a client-based application developed by CADOpt that provides a common data link between a ZWCAD and a Windchill server. The core capability of the CAD File Manager (CFM) utility allows you to manage your CAD data within the ZWCAD. When the ZWCAD is connected to the CAD File Manager (CFM) utility, several PDM commands, such as Check-In and Check-Out, are embedded within ZWCAD to enable you to interact with Windchill from the CAD environment.

CFM Utility is developed as a Standalone VB.net application & it does not require support of ZWCAD VBA & ZWCAD.NET extensions.

CFM utility functions seamlessly with the Basic license of ZWCAD Standard version & ZWCAD Professional versions too.


  • DWG files stored in PTC Windchill can be directly accessed from the ZWCAD interface without having to access Windchill interface.
  • We can Directly Perform key Windchill operations, such as Revision, Check-In and Check-Out operations from the ZWCAD environment.
  • It simplifies ZWCAD interaction with PTC Windchill by seamless collaboration.


Acts as a Bridge

Helps to connect ZWCAD With Windchill- Helps organizations to integrate their CAD data from ZWCAD with Windchill PLM.


Works with ZWCAD Standard & Professional Licenses. Works with most of the recent Windchill releases.

Distinct software solution customized for real-time environment

Enhanced User Productivity

Quick and simplified access data from Windchill


User Workflow can be standardised as per internal processes as per project environment.


Quicker returns on Investment considering the significant time savings and reduced ECN’s


Core PDM functionalities bundled with Windchill Base license.

Basic license of Windchill Base license, it can also work with Windchill Advanced & Windchill Premium as well.

Integrations. If the Customer creates an interface or otherwise enables real time or automated access between a Windchill implementation and a system of non-PTC software, all users in the Windchill system must have either a ThingWorx Navigate View, ThingWorx Navigate Contribute, Windchill Base, Windchill Advanced, or Windchill Premium license.

For more info contact CADOpt Technologies Private Limited at: info@CADOpt.com or visit our website at www.CADOpt.com

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