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About XPLM :

XPLM is an international computer software company specializing in the integration of various development applications with product lifecycle management systems. The company was founded as XPLM Solution GmbH in 2005 in Dresden, Germany.

XPLM is a globally operating PLM solution provider, specializing in integrating applications, processes, data and information, for optimum, cross-domain collaboration between engineers.

With its unique technology portfolio, XPLM integrates between leading PLM, MCAD, ECAD, SysML, ERP, Office, Requirements Management, and ALM / Software tools.

We convert your technology into competitive advantage

As a leading expert in complex integration tasks, we understand that a comprehensive data management system is critical to successful product innovation. That’s why we offer PLM integration solutions all around the world that provide maximum flexibility and scalability.

XPLM Expertise

Integration Solutions

We offer sophisticated integration solutions for over 100 different systems. Whether PLM, ECAD, MCAD, ALM or many more – enquire today to find out if we can connect your systems up as well.

XSPHERE Federation

Each of your systems has its own core task – but you want to use them together? Our XSPHERE Federation technology integrates each system with other systems to access existing information and processes from multiple data sources.

PLM Migration and CAD Conversion

Is your existing IT system due to be replaced by a new one? Do you need a safe and efficient way to transfer your valuable data to the new system?We have the solution – with our migration tools

PLM Consulting and PLM Implementation

Maximum efficiency in product lifecycle management. Optimise your innovation process through maximum efficiency in product development.

Operational Support

Put the operational support of your PDM/PLM system in the hands of our specialists. Free yourself to concentrate on strengthening your market position and focus your resources on innovation.

XPLM Solutions

PLM/PDM and ERP Integration

Here you will find a list of our integration portfolio for ERP applications and mechanical, electrical and electronic CAD systems broken down by PLM system.

Mechanical CAD Integration

Here you will find a selection of our mechanical CAD integration solutions for various PLM systems.

ECAD Integration

Here you will find our available PLM integration solutions broken down by ECAD and ECAD EDM system.

RQM & QA and ALM Software

Here you will find our available PLM integration solutions broken down by Requirements Management & QA or ALM software.

SysML & Simulation

Here you will find our available PLM integration solutions broken down by Systems Modeling Language and simulation application.

XSPHERE Federation

Transforms your work environment into a cross-domain PLM client.

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