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CADOpt Technologies, provides the best products which can help customer in many ways like improving the customer interface with Creo, providing best point solutions, reducing product Development process, Time to market, cost etc. We also have add on module for all HPDC Manufacturing companies.

Custom Application

Custom Application is mainly developed in order improve the customer interface for optimised usage of Creo. The main objective to create Creo custom Application is to identify the pain points of the customer and resolve them by providing best & optimised solutions which enables tasks to be performed in a more simpler, quicker and errorless fashion.

Design Process Automation

The main objective of Design Process Automation is to reduce time consumed during the Product Development Process followed by the Industries. Design Processes can be optimised and automated by building custom applications integrated with Creo, CADOpt Technologies are known for providing unique solutions by creating applications which automate different types of design processes across various industries By feeding the input parameters into the application it is possible to generate the entire product CAD data & its relevant manufacturing data including 2D drawings and BOM, Thus it improves the efficiency, Time to Market and reduces the Cost of the Product Development Process.


Auto Mould Base is an add-on Module created for HPDC manufacturing companies by using Creo (Pro/ENGINEER). AMB collects the basic information of the component and other required parameters in various forms to automatically produce the complete mould base assembly & mould base assembly drawings along with Individual part details, drawings & BOM as output. Entire set of relevant calculations, validation processes and model creation takes place in the backend through complex algorithms and codes.

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