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PTC Creo® Flexible Modeling Extension – Topics covered

Engineering teams need to respond to many challenges when developing products, especially in a dynamic, competitive environment. Design engineers must respond quickly to project or bid proposals, rapidly generate design concepts, or make late-stage changes to the product based on customer or supplier input. To save time, you can leverage existing 3D CAD models and modify them.

Capabilities and specifications:

  • Fast, intelligent geometry selection
  • Smart filters for fast, intelligent, and automated selection
  • Selection filters for geometry, features datum, and more
  • Shape-based selection capabilities
  • Combine multiple selection criteria to quickly handpick desired geometry for editing
  • Geometry rule-based selection gives you more control over complex parts
  • Advanced selection techniques to exclude surfaces from the selection set

Presenter :

Location : Chennai

Start Date : Feb 21 - Feb 22

Time : 10:00AM to 5:00PM

Duration : 2 Days

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