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Senthil Kumar Sivaraj

Co- founder and Director

Mr. Senthil Kumar is an Alumnus from Kongu Engineering College, Bharathiar University and holds a Degree in Mechanical Engineering. A seasoned Engineer and software Professional with a career spanning over 28 years in the Mechanical Engineering Industry, particularly in the field of Product Design & Development as well as in Manufacturing.

He has played a significant role in transforming Design and Development processes across various industries from small-scale to large-scale as well as for global organizations using latest cutting-edge CAD, PLM & other relevant technologies.

He has been the driving force in implementing & educating PTC’s Customers on Knowledge Based Engineering (KBE) concepts, Design Automation, CAD Customization and so on. His contributions have enabled CADOpt Technologies to reap significant returns in the area of niche Software & Design services.

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