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Creo Advanced #Assembly (#AAX) helps users simplify complex designs and allows for the development of advanced content with better control, design intent propagation, and system integration. With its advanced tools for top-down assembly design, Creo AAX streamlines the flow of information from design to manufacturing, helping you reach the optimal design, including customized designs, in far less time.

1. Plan and manage large assemblies : Using top-down design tools, it’s easy to plan out the skeleton of the assembly so that individual components can be designed in the context of the overall structure

2. Design automation with ease : The ability to quickly customize product designs can give you a powerful competitive advantage

Key benefits

• Improve performance by simplifying large assemblies. Use top-down design tools to build the skeleton model and share down-stream design intent, giving you greater flexibility and control over the entire structure

• Make changes with confidence, knowing that all modifications are automatically propagated from the design to the manufacturing information

• Effectively manipulate models, enabling you to create higher-quality designs faster, and reuse your product designs in the future.

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