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Of the estimated one-and-a-half million graduates who pass out of India’s engineering schools every year, less than 1% land jobs in its top 100 companies. That’s because of a yawning academia-industry gap, a vast majority of them are unemployable and lacking in skills such as creative thinking, problem solving, learnability, human-centred design, collaboration and customer-centricity… all critical to new generation jobs.

For industry, the drying up of future ready professionals is an existential threat. As a solution for this CADOpt Technologies offers training program to engineering students from Mechanical and allied stream on campus and also for graduates outside of their campus. With these programs we help institutes set up COE or COC and better industry-oriented curriculum which will be confined to one area or a particular department or interdisciplinary.

1.1 CADOpt’s Industrial Optimisation Program for Engineers

The program is an ‘Engineering Workforce Development Initiative’ by CADOpt Technologies.

CADOpt’s Industrial Optimisation Program is a great way to fill the gaps b/w academic & industry. What students acquire mostly is textual education, which has little relevance to jobs in the new economy that requires contextual skills.

The short-term courses offered to students during their Final or prefinal year help to get more hands-on based learning. The courses help to enhance the career opportunity of participants.

The program has 3-4 weeks(120hrs to 160hrs) of in-depth training followed by 2-4 months of internship to deserving trainees

The interns will be recruited by CADOpt Technologies and their customers and Partners.

The program aims at providing training on

  • 1.1.1 Product Design and Development (CAD/CAM/CAE) using Creo Software
  • 1.1.2 Process Data Management /Process Lifecycle Management (PDM/PLM) using Windchill suite
  • 1.1.3 Internet of Things (IoT) and Augmented Reality (AR) using Thingworx Platform

1.2 CADOpt’s Internship program

This program is for students in their pre-final and final year, willing to get trained on PTC tools from CADOpt Technologies and work on live projects using the same platform.

Internship of 2-4 months is provided to the students who have completed 4 to 7 semesters in college with relevant core subjects.

The internship offered is designed according to the university /college from which the students’ approach.

A nominal access fee, may be charged for the resources being utilised, which is refundable

The intern will involve with teams working on industry live projects and work on POC models.

1.3 CADOpt’s Optimised Engineering Syllabus – Design and Delivery

CADOpt Technologies works with Deemed universities and autonomous colleges to design develop and deliver industry par course of study for Mechanical/Allied stream and Mechatronics engineering.

Academia faces the real risk of being driven to irrelevance unless it marries curricula and teaching methodologies that are designed around current industry needs, and are flexible enough to respond to future challenges.

The designed subject consists of theory and practical session. It is designed for prefinal and final year students as a subject in their semester which is taught by industry experts from CADOpt Technologies in their campus.

1.4 CADOpt’s sponsorship for Tech Festivals

CADOpt Technologies encourages budding engineers to come out with innovative ideas and develop POC using PTC tools.

Such events may be supported by CADOpt Technologies .

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