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Resource Augmentation is one of the major activities of CADOpt Technologies with a skilled and well trained manpower we work for Resource Augmentation for many of our esteemed clients, BOSCH, KOEL, Sun Mobility.

We provide CAD resource and manpower augmentation (in Bangalore).

What is Resource Augmentation?

To get the right person at right time of relevant skill set is very important for Companies these days, especially which are operating Globally.
Resource Augmentation also known as subcontracting, is basically the outsourcing of Manpower on a skill requirement basis or a Project completion basis for a limited period of time. It can temporary or permanent or project based requirement.

Why Outsourcing?

In today’s highly competitive market industry, the term “Outsourcing” could mean some extra savings on manpower requirement or hiring.

  • Manpower Deputation Services offered are designed to take care of the work profile for a short/limited/defined period of time
  • With every business understanding advantages of outsourcing, there are more and more companies who want to stay focused on their core business activities and outsource support services that makes them save time as well as energy.
  • Resource outsourcing is required when a firm needs to complete a task in which they don’t want to hire new employees. Outsourcing is an efficient way to save cost. Currently many OEM’s rely on outsourcing.

Benefits of Outsourcing

  • Immediate availability of skilled personnel
  • Skilled and professional manpower availability for short duration and project-related work
  • Time saving & Reduce costs
  • No permanent liability
  • Immediate replacement with suitable candidate
  • No statutory obligations (PF, Gratuity, Bonus, etc)
  • Deputation for short terms, long terms & seasoned workers
  • Hiring manpower from an outsource company which has knowledgeable and experienced professionals in the field, can improve the quality of the final product
  • Meeting defined project based requirements on – Turnkey basis
    • Short term requirement for Project Peak Periods
    • Expected/unexpected load towards end of project
    • Requirement of specialized manpower
    • Simply need for third party pay roll services
  • When you hire an outsourcing firm, you also eliminate the risk to pay for employee leaves, and you will not have to go through certain manufacturing difficulties, connected with employees who are on the deserved rest.
  • Placing more emphasis on the products and brand campaigning and other important departments that help increase the productivity and revenue.

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    Why CADOpt for Resource Augmentation?

    As we are the Authorised Reseller & Authorised Training Centre of PTC we can provide the highly skilled man power. CADOpt Technologies (in Bangalore) has already deputed skilled manpower to many corporate clients and OEM’s. And we are having our 160+ employees readily available to place in any type of organisation based on the requirement.

    Generally all the 3rd party vendor’s will look for the profiles in the market after the requirements came, But we CADOpt having trained man power as our employee in all different fields and Industry verticals and we can provide the suitable candidates immediately.

    Also if you have any specific skill set requirements we can train the candidates to suit your requirement and provide.

    CADOpt Technologies provide CAD resource and manpower augmentation in Bangalore, India.

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