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For anyone using Creo, those manufacturing processes can be defined and visualized with computer aided manufacturing (CAM) extensions like Creo Complete Machining and Creo Prismatic and Multi-Surface Milling. With these add ons, you can specify the operations (tools and toolpaths) that will be used to machine the finished part, or make final finishing operations on cast or 3D printed parts right from within Creo (no export or import required). In fact, you can even see animations of the toolpaths and see material removal.

Defining and optimizing the manufacturing process within Creo can help you make the most of your models and manufacturing. Best part? If, as inevitably happens, a design change has to be made to the 3D design, the seamless integration and associativity between the CAD and CAM aspects of Creo will save you a significant amount of rework and reduce the opportunity for error. Creo will recalculate the toolpath for you and you can just click play to display it.

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